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Very grateful to all at for publishing this  piece on how students can best cope with home study during Covid  19 .

Many thanks to the examiner for their  article on how to deal with  study pressure .Delighted to  get so much positive feedback on this piece. Click on image and have a read .

Looking forward  to speaking on Ireland am this weekend  about the best way for students to start the school year.Hope you can tune  in to hear more about ......

Goal Setting

It is really important to have short terms to focus our minds on the present task so that we can achieve our long term goal. Jim Gavin get the players to focus on the best they can be each day so they can win 4 Sam McGuires in a row. Set goals that are achievable. Establish success makes us feel good and continues us in the process of achievement.

Battling Negative Thoughts

Many students struggle with negative thoughts about their own abilities and about the amount of work that they do. If a golfer thinks about the lake in front of him on a par 3, he generally hits the water. We need to focus on the green. Practice taking a positive action every time you have a negative thought. It works.

Really looking forward to the opportunity of working with the  UrAbility team in the coming weeks at their U.C.D And U.C.C bases . At UrAbility they  use their  expertise to leverage assistive technology information, products and training to help students learn, master and thrive, whatever their abilities and whatever their goals.

Thank you to Irene Gahan  and the wonderful students with whom  I was fortunate to work with on Saturday .Long journey home  but energised by the energy in the room today thanks to all who made the day possible.

A large thank you to the very large group of 6th year students who attended  this seminar in Blackrock college.Very evident that this group of young men are destined for great things!Delighted to have been given this opportunity. Thank you for the very kind e mails and feedback. Enda

 Delighted to be working with the  largest grind school in Ireland !

Dublin School of Grinds, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin.

Top class day spent with the 6th years from Glenstal. The quality of the boys matched the surroundings.Thank you for your hospitality and your warm welcome.Looking forward to returning after Christmas.Continue to work hard and achieve all we spoke about .

Study Skills Ireland are delighted to announce  their upcoming Seminar with the  students of  Alexandra college Dublin. Really looking forward to working with a school with a goal of "Pursuit of excellence ".

Thanks to the  parents staff and students of  Glenart college  for a warm welcome  to Wicklow last night .Great energy in the room I look forward to returning soon .

Wolstons  KildareSt .

Looking forward to speaking to the Parents and exam students of this school in the coming days. .

A super  day working with the students of Ennistymon. Thank you .

A long drive but very much worth the effort to spend time with the students of the Royal school Cavan.A special word of thanks to the parents council for all their work in helping organise the day .I look forward to returning to the school in the future.A school with over 400 hundred years of tradition !

Holy Child Killiney

Delighted to have had  the opportunity to speak  at this amazing school. The school's mission statement states that they  are committed to “academic challenge and the joy of learning”.This was so evident at my recent student Seminar 

Study Skills Ireland are delighted to  have been invited to work with the parents of this top class college which regularly is among the top twenty schools in the country.

Study Skills Ireland would like to thank the students from John Scoutus for an inspirational level of energy and participation.A very special day spent with some  amazing young people.Keep up the great work and set your goals high. 

Study Skills Ireland are delighted to announce  their upcoming Seminar with the Students of Blackrock College one of Ireland's most prestigious colleges. Study Skills Ireland  shares a common vision with the college of "striving  to ensure that every boy reaches his full potential and looks forward to an inspiring seminar". 

Study skills Ireland are delighted to announce upcoming seminar with the Parents of Our Lady of Mercy Beaumont Dublin on next Tuesday evening.Looking forward to a the presentation.

A wonderful seminar held in the main hall in Patrician college Mallow with parents attending in large numbers from  the boys and girls secondary schools. An inspiring and highly entertaining presentation using state of the art computer graphics, audience interaction and role play. Expertly organised and promoted by the parent association. Many thanks to the chairperson and her team for all their hard work in promoting the seminars.

Thanks to all who attend  seminar in C.B.S Dungarvan. Great day!

Study Skills Ireland are delighted to  announce that they will be presenting to the parents of Villiers  students in the coming weeks .Looking forward to working in a school with over 200 years  of tradition .

Thank you to the fantastic 5th year students of Alex  for  an inspiring energy filled day.Top class effort from the  students of this amazing school. Looking forward to working with you parents next week .

Thanks to the 6th year boys and girls of  Mallow  for a top class  day .Great levels of energy and effort .Well done to all. Never give up, set your goals high ,plan and achieve!Please visit on-line library area for your study videos.

The School’s aim is "to instil in pupils a robust inner-belief." Study skills Ireland looks forward to working  towards this  goal with the students of this  wonderful school soon.