Study Skills  Ireland


The feedback from the course has been fantastic! One of our secretaries randomly selected five students from the course this morning and contacted their parents for their feedback, which was as follows:

AN , 2nd Year:

She was very impressed with the course and felt that she got a lot out of the day. She found the techniques very useful and went home to start practicing them immediately so was motivated greatly by the course. She found it easy to take all of the information on board.

AG , 6th Year

Was delighted with the day. Found the timetable skills particularly beneficial and was able to put it in practice when she went home. She found the day was maybe a little long so concentration was difficult towards the end. However over all she said the approach to teaching was excellent and the day definitely helped her.

MM, 3rd Year:

Mark really enjoyed the day and his mum said that she couldn’t believe the positivity he came out with as he went in with a fairly negative attitude. She found it great that he was able to engage so fully in the day as he has some learning difficulties also. Mark particularly found the information on summarising topics useful as that is where he struggles most.

RC , 5th Year:

Found the day overall to be incredibly motivational and has given her a great push going forward.

BC 3rd Year:

. Found the tips hugely beneficial and came out feeling he had gained something.

Thanks again for the smashing performance on Saturday

Tom McGovern

Director The Dublin School of Grinds